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Simon drove his seriously-injured brother to Vista Point and contemplated rolling the car over the cliff (with Peter inside), to cover up the crime.

In a replay of the same event in his mind, guilt-ridden Simon had a sudden change of heart from his first inclination.

The tagline was misleading: The mind-warping film opened with a hospital patient Simon Cable (Ryan Phillippe) awakening in a hospital with little knowledge (amnesia perhaps? ) and that he had died for two minutes from cardiac arrest following the near-fatal accident -- but he had been revived ("You're as good as new"). He believed he was in a different time period and in the hospital following a different car accident. Jude's Hospital (in Maine) in the year 2000 as the victim of a similar accident, when his older brother Peter (Robert Sean Leonard) died. He was attempting to piece together the experiences of his recent past (he inaccurately thought it was a two year period between 20): The true revelations of what happened came when Simon - with blood literally on his hands - admitted his guilt: "I killed him." In a loathsome act of betrayal, Simon had kissed his brother Peter's fiancee Clair in the estate's sun-room.

The tagline summarized the metaphoric effects: The crude and amateurish film opened with tattooed Jane (Eleanor Whitledge), not yet an habitual drug user, worried about the condition of her heroin-addicted boyfriend Dax (Bryan Small) who was experiencing visions of old friends - all users who were OD victims: She met with her concerned drug counselor Dr.Hospital Patient Simon Cable Died in a Fatal Car Accident in the Year 2002; Due to Memory Loss and His Confused State Between Life and Death, Simon Recalled a Similar Fatal Head-On Car Accident in the Year 2000.It Happened As a Result of Simon's Betrayal of His Brother Peter When He Was Having An Affair With Peter's Fiancee Clair, and All Three Died in The Crash.Although reluctant to accept his death ("It wasn't supposed to happen like this"), Simon ultimately accepted the reality of his expiration.He remained in the afterlife with his brother Peter, who had counseled: Simon's 'death' in his dream of the year 2000 was mirrored or paralleled with his death in 2002.

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