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It would suffice to take a look at the election campaigns to see how far we have succeeded." The Hejab Wars Although the hejab wars have been a constant feature of the past two decades, not all youth are openly defiant to the Islamic codes of appearance.There are still many young girls, particularly in smaller towns and cities, that choose to wear the chador in public; many boys who dress in the bland, traditionally religious uniform of plain shirts and trousers."Some long-haired guys would openly cuddle girls creating awful and immoral scenes.Fast, provoking music...nearby gave the street party more steam," it added.Every year, Sattar Khan Aveneu in west Tehran is the meeting place of tens of thousands of mourners during the 10 sacred evenings of Moharram, culminating in Ashura, the day when Imam Hossein and his 72 loyal companions were brutally slain.

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'A Nation Of Political Weeping' Traditionally marked by a deep sense of gloom and sorrow that was manifested by mourners weeping for what had happened to Imam Hossein in the Karala desert, Moharram acquired a political meaning and played a vital part in the demonstrations that led to the ousting of the shah in 1979.

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Instead of beating their chests or flagellating themselves with metal chains in bouts of sorrowful frenzy, boys in Mohseni Square, dressed in latest Western-fashion black outfits, were holding candles, which they passed to girls with loud make-up and equally fashionable black dresses." Tehran residents say the Mohseni Square Ashura gathering has swelled in size over recent years, attracting growing numbers from the generally more affluent parts of the city.

But political analysts said the trend observed at Mohseni Square was in evidence, to a lesser extent, elsewhere.

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