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The best thing about the latest C4 Picasso is the ride comfort, even on the optional 17in wheels of our test car. Long journeys with a full complement of passengers shouldn’t be a chore. The six-speed manual gearbox is fine but the mushy throttle and clutch irritate.

Worst of all, the grabby brakes are difficult to modulate, making smooth driving difficult.

Instead of thinking in a linear fashion and relying on our five senses to arrive at the truth, Ma’at is a reminder to go beyond this approach and to include the heart in our thinking.

Order and balance in the universe (u Buntu) is possible through Love.

This doesn’t detract from interior space, however, and Citroen even claims class-leading boot space of 537 litres, rising to 630 litres with the three rear seats pushed forward as far as they’ll go (each slides and reclines individually).

It’s a five-seater for now – the seven-seat C4 Grand Picasso arrives early next year.

Citroën found plenty of friends with its original Xsara Picasso of 1999 and it expects the same with this new C4, which is priced from £17,500 to £24,455.It’s a bit confusing to start with but works well once you’re accustomed to it – it certainly beats being presented with 100 fiddly buttons.The 1,560cc turbodiesel developing 114bhp is expected to be the biggest seller by far.Tracing the origins of the values and principles that u Buntu are based upon leads to ancient Egypt (Khem) and the concept of Ma’at.THE CONCEPT OF MA’ATWith recordings dating back to the period of the Old Kingdom (the period in the 3rd millennium BCE (ca.

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