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Meaning that Shabudin’s —perhaps not so well thought out— definition of “rogol" also includes consensual sex, sex between two young couples before marriage.

The problem with this is that “rogol” translates to rape.

You could say he’s the media’s second version of Abdullah Zaik from ISMA.

There’s a lot to take in from what happened in Parliament yesterday.

On the one hand, this could mean that the underage girl was raped and that she “needs” to be married to take care of the baby.

But it could also imply that the girl is pregnant as a result of consensual unprotected premarital sex in which case Islamic courts do lean on recommending that the young couple get married to avoid the baby being born out of wedlock.

He previously honed his skills as a small business owner in Manhattan who owned and ran a busy bar and grille.Shabudin explains that he means the second scenario when he outlines that underage marriage and sexual crimes on girls below 16 should be debated differently. Rather than explaining why underage marriage and sexual crimes on young girls are different, Shabudin backtracks and instead defines that all sexual acts with girls below the age of 16 are a form of “rogol.” Let’s repeat that.Shabudin is defining “rogol” as any sexual interaction between a male and a female below 16.And our fingers are eager to do some pointing and blaming.But like that cool redhead guy in CSI Miami always said, what’s too good (or in this case too obscene) to be true often is not what actually happened.

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